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Abolition of the sanctions in ‘Hartz IV’

The Agen­da 2010, intend­ed povery and dis­fran­chise­ment result­ing in ‘Hartz-leg­is­la­tion con­cerns to all of us, direct­ly or undi­rect­ly.

We demand to abol­ish the uncon­sti­tu­tion­al sanc­tions (§31 and §32 SGBll) which vio­late human rights.

The Agen­da 2010 espe­cial­ly Hartz con­cerns not only to 10 mil­lion vic­tims. With strong pres­sure on employ­ment and pay it destruc­ts all peo­ple.

Unem­ployed will be forced in pre­car­i­ous employ­ment and use­less traings by threat of destruc­tion of exis­tence. Poor­ly pay increase. Uncer­tain jobs on tem­po­rary basis replace well-paid work.

Polit­i­cal­ly intend­ed expan­sion of the low pay sec­tor will be exportet to the rest of europe. Ger­many is forc­ing nations like Por­tu­gal, Spain or Greece to salery reten­tion. Ger­many rec­om­mends the export mod­el Hartz-lV to whole Europe.

We want to abol­ish Hartz-lV („mod­ern type of ser­vice at the labour mar­ket“).

We demand a right to basic income with­out con­di­tions!